Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Outside the Box

I know a majority of my blogs have a hint of humour in them but I reckon this will be the first blog which will talk about a few important issues. Like I mentioned in my other post, I've been feeling philosophical this month so bear with me guys it will probably change by next month!

My main point that I wanted to get across is that it is so important to have a wide perspective in life. It’s easy to be narrow minded because you don’t have to exert yourself in expanding your mindset but sometimes it’s this process that causes a lot of people to change. I can honestly say that when I broadened the horizon I saw so many things I was never able to see before.
Now some of you may be thinking “What the hell is she talking about?” It’s not easy to understand and I don’t expect everyone to understand what I am saying but I will give a few examples on what defines a narrow mindset.

You’re unable to look beyond what you can see. So imagine you are standing at the top of a hill in Greenwich Park, watching over half of London. How many of you would notice the patterns in the sky? Or the colours behind the clouds?

Have a look at this recent picture I took in Greenwich Park and think about what you can see.

Being quick to judge. We all judge people we are only human and it’s a natural thing, but to what extent will you stop? Or do you ever stop? Get to know the person better before you assume that you “know” what kind of person they are, it will definitely widen the perspective!

Develop your beliefs further. If you believe something is wrong, i.e. killing or war. Then why stop there? Why not do something about it? You can start a fundraiser, campaign or simply starting a blog ;) For first year students you will have the perfect opportunity to do this, you have time and crazy ideas so where can you go wrong?!

I’m hoping that after those examples you will be able to understand the point I’m making.

(Picture by Ruben Chase) – Referencing! ;)

One lesson to learn from this as well is that you need to make mistakes to realise where you went wrong. University is all about making mistakes but are you going to learn from them? 

Friday, 1 November 2013

“November Blues”

From the first of November it is officially 1,320 hours (55 days) until Christmas! I don’t even celebrate Christmas but I’m just excited for the break ;)  Yes 55 days sounds like a lot but think how far you've come into the academic year?

There are no words to explain how fast time is going, before you know it, it’s April and it’s that time of year where your lecturers and tutors will enjoy tormenting you with exam stress (they don’t actually torment you).

For some of you, you are probably submitting your first or second assignments (nice and easy) for others (like me) it’s the countdown to exams and coursework deadlines. It’s been stressful in the first two months but I’m hoping I will get accustomed to these changes. If you were a lazy student like me in year one then year two will take you by surprise!

I remember how “Fun” year one was, there were no problems in the world, I did do my coursework and assignments on time, but I wouldn't attend lectures and seminars which I thought were irrelevant. It’s weird because now I don’t even want to miss a single lecture, it’s such a big change that you don’t even realise it. I've started my applications for placements for the sandwich year, you want to start doing this as soon as you start year two because I've already missed quite a few deadlines for applications!

Working in the part time uni job is actually quite easy, waking up early in the morning is about the biggest challenge I have so far. If you can’t maintain a balance between “work” work and “uni” work then don’t take the risk. I've witnessed one of my flat mates from last year always doing all nighters to finish his “work” work so he could complete the projects, he was studying web design and the jobs he were offered were related to his course. He didn't prioritise “uni” work and now has to retake two of his modules L. He also advised me to “PRIORITISE,” remember, you’re not paying £9000 a year to fail ;)

On that note I will finish with a quote, been feeling philosophical this month!

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.” – Josh Billings.