Monday, 16 December 2013


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody! Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is well and happy that uni is over for now, everyone has trekked it back home, and halls have become a ghost town. For those students commuting, you don’t need to trek it anywhere so consider yourselves lucky!

Some students can’t go home unless they have a flight ticket booked which is not the best situation, but there are a handful of people that stay in halls over the holidays, I remember I did spend a small amount of time in halls over Christmas last year and there is always that one person you know who will be around. Sometimes the peace is actually quite nice and relaxing so you might as well enjoy it while you can!

Are you broke? Need to do some Christmas shopping?

I have noticed in Superdrug (In the Greenwich campus) there are some nice little gifts – I mean little, if you’re interested in buying them for secret santa or friends. They have aftershave sets for men and make up for the women.

Regarding Avery Hill students, I am aware there’s pound land in Eltham High St if you’re really strapped for cash – It’s the thought that counts!

And for all the other students, Westfield?!

Hey I’m only making some suggestions and trying to help my fellow students J

If you’re not looking to buy presents for friends or family, buy one for yourself you deserve it! Treat yourself its Christmas! I’ve treated myself to those sugar candy cane things from Tesco and I’m waiting till Christmas to devour them (with my friends of course). Okay, it’s not the best present in the world but as most of you know by now, my bank balance is wiped clean so candy canes will suffice for now!

Also does anyone know where you can buy the Red Velvet Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? I saw a picture of all the different Ben & Jerry’s flavours on Twitter and I NEED the Red Velvet one ASAP! So if anyone knows please comment below J

Freshers, you’re probably still in that relaxing phase, keep relaxing and take it easy, obviously don’t slack in the work but you don’t need to stress at this point.

Second Years I would recommend revising and just recapping the content you covered in the past term because it will help – I’m taking my own advice too for once in my life!

Third Years in Accounting and Finance, my tutor has warned me that next year for us will be intense and I can only imagine what you guys are going through. I’ve heard that there are two exams in January so Good Luck and all the best!

Just think about it, this is my last blog post of 2013 ;) See you all next year! 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

December Lights

I don’t know about you but I’ve had one hectic term! As the weather is dropping further and further down the thermometer, I recommend a few tips if you are living in halls:
  • Buy a onesie – Primark has decent ones and they are surprisingly warm!
  • Heat up a hot water bottle to bed – It tricks you for about an hour thinking it’s warm then by the time you’re asleep it’s too late to feel the cold!
  • Get a good coat and scarf – I actually got ill because my ‘winter’ coat wasn’t warm enough
  • Invest in some hot chocolate – Last minute deadlines can be daunting so use this as a pick me up
  • Sainsburys have some really good 39p noodles! #JustSaying
  • Layer your blankets when you sleep
  • Face away from the window, some vents can’t be shut (Like mine)
  • Get some Vitamin C tablets from Superdrug and they boost your immune system so you don’t get ill as often

Now that is out of the way, how’s your first term been? If it’s been chaotic then think back on the things you would change, if you can stop the same things from happening again? Sometimes things can happen beyond our control e.g. losing your USB, spending all your loan money it’s all about learning from these experiences which makes uni life so amazing.

I can honestly say I’ve learnt so much from last year and I will never repeat the same mistakes. An example of one of the mistakes is joining the gym. I joined the gym in February paying £30 a month. I actually utilised the gym for 14 days and I continued paying for it until May. That’s £120? All gone to waste! Only sign up to things you will know you commit to because time is money!

Apart from life skills and learning curves, forget all that’s happened and enjoy your break! Instagram the pretty lights and trees, take the chance to seize every opportunity you get. Have a wonderful break with the plans you all have and Merry Christmas!