Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Revision Tips!

Exam Season is finally here and it’s not long to go until we are all set free for the lovely summer holidays! I thought that as many of you would have either completed your exams or still have exams to come I would prepare some revision tips for you all.

  1. Take regular breaks – even if they are only 5 minutes long you need to give your brain some breathing space otherwise everything will come crashing down!
  2. Make sure you eat – I found that this year was the most intense revision experience I’ve ever had. It even clashed with my eating schedule and I just managed to squeeze in some time to eat.
  3. Don’t always read from the book it’s a passive way of revising – for some subjects this may be effective, but for others such as Accounting) it won’t do you any good!
  4. Highlighting – It helps the key words and theories to stand out and there’s a better chance of these terms sticking in your brain! 
  5. Get enough sleep – There’s nothing worse than revising with no sleep and using coffee as your fuel, it won’t help. 
  6. Night before the exam – Spend time relaxing and taking your mind off the nerves, the nerves are what determines whether you pass or fail. If you spend the night before the exam cramming in revision, chances are you will be panicking the next morning. 
  7. Morning of the exam – have some breakfast, briefly look over your notes (don’t try to learn anything new!) and RELAX! 
  8. After the exam – get some sleep, prepare for the next exam depending on when it is you might have to start revising on the same day or the next day.

Finally, after all your exams are over, make sure to stay updated with the portal and it’s just a waiting game! As long as you follow the instructions and revision tips provided by your tutor everything will be fine J and if not, it’s not the end of the world you have a second chance in August – hopefully you wouldn't have forgotten everything by then!