Friday, 17 January 2014

Calling all Accounting Students!

Given its almost half way through the academic year, coursework deadlines are coming closer and exam timetables are soon to be finalised for publication, I think it’s a good idea we all begin to plan well ahead!

As there has been a change in the term structure, it is possible for us to have some exams in April (Alarm bells!). So I have taken the initiative to revise the course content early rather than starting in the Easter Break. Small chunks of revision over time will be more effective than just waiting till Easter and trying to remember everything that we have learnt from September. Particularly with the financial and management accounting modules, the questions can get quite difficult and we are taught the methods on the basis that we can apply this method to any situation. So practice a lot of past questions so you get the jist of what the exam is going to be like. Also, certain topics may have more significance than others in the exam. For example, second year students have a financial accounting exam which has three or four questions based on the same topic but we have to apply so many different techniques to each question.

If you are finding anything difficult then now is the time to speak to your tutor, don’t ignore the problems because they won’t go away, they will just pop back up in your exam!

There are also support classes which can be useful for some students who feel like they need to go over some things they missed in the lecture or tutorial so don’t miss out.

Create a timetable or plan to break down each module and their topics so you can revise each topic slowly and you should be ready by the time it comes to April/ May Exams J

Good Luck my fellow Accountants if you need any help just ask!

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