Monday, 24 February 2014


For all of you out there who are working whilst studying, respect goes out to you because working and studying is not easy at all. Even though it is a part time job 4-6 hours a week, you could be using those hours to sleep, eat, or do coursework. That’s roughly 24 hours a month that you are dedicating to gain that extra pocket money.

It’s worthwhile finding a job based on the university campus such as Student Ambassador, or working with certain members of staff in departments (such as the international office). Be sure to check and sign up to to receive daily updates so you don’t miss out!

You can also sign up to the Greenwich Employability Team to receive daily emails about the latest vacancies. Just check these emails instead of deleting them because you never know what position might strike an interest! I found my part time job in Avery Hill through this service and I love my work, there’s nothing better than working with other students who know what it’s like to work and study so we can all relate to each other. It’s also great because when one person is not able to work you can cover their shift on their behalf so it’s pretty flexible.

If you have an interview coming up or applying for jobs, you can arrange a drop in session with the GET team to review your CV and help prepare you for anything and everything! It’s such a great service and I would have definitely used this if I knew it existed last year. I used this drop in session to fix up my CV and it looks a lot better and way more professional than it did a few months ago. It’s important to utilise these services now while you can because once you finish your studies it’s can be difficult to receive this kind of support at your own convenience.

If you need any help in arranging the appointment just call the main university switchboard for your campus J

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