Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sunny days

The sun is finally here and all of a sudden everyone is in a better mood J  this includes the thousands of tourists that visit Greenwich every day. Greenwich does get packed at this time of year and trust me, everyone knows how frustrating it is when you’re late for a lecture and you have to run through the crowd. It’s pretty much like walking through a herd of cows no?

It was only the other weekend when I was with my friend trying to find a place to eat on the weekend and literally restaurants had one hour waiting times, the food was cleared out in Marks and Spencers, and you were not able to see the floor in Greenwich market. Maybe during times like this, it’s better to leave the area and travel down to central or Hyde Park? Especially if you are living in halls it can get a bit overwhelming when you’re being pushed, shoved and the occasional pushchair going over your foot.

If you are living in Greenwich and want to avoid the rush, you have other options apart from using the DLR. You can take a bus to North Greenwich (188) and get on the jubilee line before Canary Wharf so you have a chance of getting a seat on the train! Also, you can take the 188 in the opposite direction to get to Canada Water, Waterloo and Bermondsey all by bus! It may take longer but I find it more peaceful on days when I know the trains are going to be packed.

With the new term blocks and exams moving earlier, we have a longer summer holiday! Now that the weather has improved, there is a lot more to do. For those staying in accommodation, it would be nice to explore different areas and see what’s new, there are always stalls in Greenwich by the Thames near Nandos which have different types of foods and drinks so why don’t you have a look during the summer? Also, if you want to go somewhere a bit more peaceful you can always come to Avery Hill Park and there are also some shops on the high street too.

One thing that I started during the summer was that I would make trips home with a suitcase filled with my text books and winter clothes so moving out is a lot easier when it comes to June. Even in June I still have so many things to move out! It’s madness! So maybe you can use your free time to have a clear out? Because I know that when I move into halls I always leave with double the amount that I bought with me.

The next 4-8 weeks might be depressing but hold tight and get the sun block ready ‘cause summer is just around the corner! 

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